how much do you like your girlfriend.

where do I start , i like my girlfriend a whole lot . She’s my best girlfriend without a doubt. We rarely argue, we’re always laughing joking around & our relationship is not just serious all the time. We make fun of each other & call each other names. She’s just amazing. & i can’t imagine us splitting apart, honestly, we had the talk about that yesterday. Her personality is another one that makes me like her so much, her personality is not the kind of personality you’ll be able to find in any other girl . I can trust her a lot , she’s really faithful & our relationship is so strong because we trust each other a whole lot and whats relationship a relationship without loyalty ? & that’s why i feel so lucky that out of all the boys out there , im the one who got the chance to date someone like her. We always have them ” i love you more ” fights & we play fight & whenever we get on the phone, we can’t get off lol, theres a whole process for it. everytime I’m with her , hug her , hold her hand ,i get this feeling where i don’t even wanna let go I wanna stay with her. I love each & every moment i get to spend with her , she’s like my bestfriend too. Well, as you can see, i like her a lot, i care for her a lot, i tell her she’s beautiful everyday & she’s really special to me & i don’t wanna let her go. oh & did I mention her lips are really soft<3 love kissing her lol .